Private jet cost by aircraft type

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost? A Guide to Private Jet Rental Prices

Ruben Spiker
29 Jan 2024

Private jet travel is often seen as the ultimate luxury, but how much does it really cost to rent a private jet? And are there any cheaper alternatives that still offer the same level of comfort and convenience? In this blog post, we will explore the factors that influence the pricing of private jet rentals.

We will explore the influence of the type of aircraft, the distance and duration of the flight, the number of passengers, the time of travel, the airport fees, and more. We will also compare the different types of private jets and their features, and show you some examples of how much they cost to rent for various destinations.

Whether you are looking for a private jet for business or leisure, this guide will help you understand the costs involved and the options available to you. Read on to find out more about the world of private aviation and how you can enjoy it without breaking the bank.

How Are Private Jet Costs Calculated

When it comes to private jets, costs are usually calculated based on either Flight Hour or Block Hour. Let’s break down these terms to understand them better.

Flight Hour

This is a way of billing where the customer is charged for the actual time the aircraft is in the air. It starts when the aircraft takes off and ends when it lands.

Block Hour

The billing per Block Hour goes a step further. It includes not just the flight time, but also the time it takes to move the aircraft from the parking area to the runway and back after landing. This time can change based on things like the airport layout, the weather, and how busy the airport is.

Difference between private jet block hours and flight hours

Private jet pricing is not only about flight hours or block hours. There are many other factors that come into play, influencing the cost of your private jet journey. In the upcoming sections, we will delve into the most important factors that can have a significant impact on the price of your flight. Moreover, we will explain more on how your travel preferences can affect the overall cost. At FA Jets, we want to help you to better understand these factors. This way, you can enjoy your flight and still keep an eye on the costs. Stay with us as we will look closer to the costs of private flying.

Factors Influencing Private Jet Costs

Understanding the complexities of private jet pricing requires a dive into the most important factors that shape the hourly rate.

Private jet costs influencing factors

Private Jet Cost by Flight Distance

When the travel distance increases, so does the amount of fuel required to fly you to your destination as the engines need to run for a longer time, increasing the cost of your flight. This is also the case for the crew duty hours. When the crew is performing a longer flight, the crew duty time increases and so does the cost of the flight. In addition, if the crew performs a longer flight, they may need to schedule extra time to rest. This will result in additional costs arising from overnight stays for crew as well as the parking of the aircraft at the airport.

Departure time

The chosen time of departure can also significantly impact the cost of your flight. The airport may need to extend its operating hours to accommodate your flight if it is scheduled during hours when it is typically closed. This extension is not without cost. Airports often charge airlines for these additional hours, and this expense can be substantial, potentially adding an extra 1,000 euro or more per extended hour. These costs are usually passed on to the client, further increasing the overall expense of the flight.


Whether you are travelling alone or with company, each aircraft has a certain maximum range that they can fly without the need for refueling.

As an example, an Entry Level Jet will bring you and one companion easily from London to Geneva. However, if Geneva is not your destination and you need a private jet from London to Rome (which almost doubles the distance), the design range of an Entry Level Jet is no longer sufficient for a direct flight and we will require a fuel stop. This will easily add an extra cost of about 1,500 to 2,000 euro per required fuel stop to your flight. Your travel time will also increase by about 45 minutes.

You could also consider a bigger type of jet as an alternative. This could be a Light Jet, which will offer you a direct flight but also a higher price per hour as the operational costs for the bigger jet type is higher than the smaller jet type.

Type of AircraftNumber of PassengersAverage Flight TimeAverage Flight Range
TurbopropUp to 19 passengers2 – 4 hoursUp to 1,600 km
Entry Level JetUp to 6 passengers2 – 3 hoursUp to 2,400 km
Light JetUp to 7 passengers3 – 6 hoursUp to 3,250 km
Midsize JetUp to 9 passengers4 – 8 hoursUp to 4,800 km
Heavy JetUp to 19 passengers6 – 10 hoursUp to 12,500 km

Airport Cost

When you think about booking a flight, you would most likely consider flying from and to the closest available airport that you would prefer when booking a ticket for a commercial airliner. Usually those airliners only operate at the major airports, such as London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt am Main.

Flying from and to those major airports is in many cases more expensive and can be further away from your origin or destination, adding even more to your expenses due to expensive taxi rides. The airport fees at the smaller airport are usually just a fraction of those at the major airport. This makes choosing a smaller airport cheaper in most cases. In many cases, the smaller airports are also located closer to your origin or destination, reducing the need for long and expensive taxi rides.

Airport fees are calculated based on the maximum designed weight of the aircraft. Considering a flight with a Cessna Citation XLS+, which is a midsize jet that can carry up to 9 passengers, the airport costs will roughly be 1,250 euro when flying at Paris Le Bourget. When considering Paris Pontoise as an alternative option for your trip, the airport fees will easily brought back to 600 euro.

Private jet costs by airport choice

Age of the Aircraft

Despite newer jets offering lower operational costs due to the higher fuel efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment, the price per hour of a newer jet is usually higher than an older jet. While the costs that are a direct result of your flight, such as the fuel cost and landing fees, may be lower for newer aircraft, there are several indirect costs, like the aircraft acquisition cost and the initial value of the aircraft, that are higher for newer aircraft. There is also another factor causing the rental price for a newer jet to increase. This factor is the higher market demand for newer jets than for older jets. When there is a high demand for a certain product, the price of this product is likely to increase as well. So do the operators of the newer jets.

Opting for an older jet with a refurbished interior can be a savvy choice for the discerning traveler. Despite their age, older jets nowadays often offer a fresh, luxurious look thanks to regular refurbishments carried out by operators and owners. Moreover, the whole aircraft is also kept in an as-new state due to strict aviation regulations. Those regulations ensure that these aircraft remain as reliable as their newer counterparts. Choosing an older, well-maintained jet with a modern interior can therefore provide a high-quality travel experience at an even smaller budget.

Empty Legs

When you booking a one-way flight or stay at the destination for longer than 2 days, many operators will return their jet and crew to their base, having the aircraft and crew available for others interested in a private flight. When the aircraft is flown without passengers to another airport, it is called an “empty leg”. An empty leg will generate extra costs to the charter price as operators will often charge them to the client. Considering an adjustment in your planning, especially on a round-trip, could easily result in a major price decrease for your trip.


If you choose for a private flight, you would most likely not prefer to end up with your homemade sandwiches in a lunchbox when it comes to catering. Many operators offer standard catering, which typically includes an open bar with a variety of cold drinks, snacks, and on longer flights, sandwiches or a hot meal. However each operator determines what they offer as standard catering on your flight, and it can vary.

While this standard offering might be sufficient for some, it may not line up with your specific preferences. For instance, you might prefer a certain type of sandwich, a bottle of champagne, or a specific type of wine. In such cases, many operators provide you the option for a special catering request, which allows you to customize your in-flight dining experience. However, special catering requests are usually not included in the price. Hence it will increase the price of your flight.

Private jet costs by catering

Private Jet Cost By Aircraft Segment

One of the main factors that affect the private jet cost is the type of aircraft you choose. Different types of aircraft have different rental rates, which can significantly impact the overall cost of your flight. These rates are typically calculated on an hourly basis and can vary widely depending on the type of aircraft you choose. Here’s a quick look at the average rental prices for various types of aircraft:

Type of AircraftAverage Rental Price
Turboprop2,100 EUR per hour
Entry Level Jet2,900 EUR per hour
Light Jet3,500 EUR per hour
Midsize Jet4,900 EUR per hour
Heavy Jet8,900 EUR per hour

The selection of aircraft can significantly influences the overall cost of your flight. For instance, opting for a Turboprop could be a cost-efficient choice, while a Midsize Jet, although more expensive, may be preferable for those prioritizing speed and comfort. It is crucial to consider these factors as the aircraft type directly impacts the final expense of your flight. Therefore, an informed decision is essential for optimal travel planning.

Finding the Right Private Jet at the Lowest Price

In conclusion, unlocking the secrets to reducing charter prices involves considering various elements. Here’s a summarized guide:

  • Choose alternative airports: Consider smaller, less expensive airports closer to your origin or destination.
  • Explore older jets: While newer jets offer modern amenities, older jets with refurbished interiors can provide a cost-effective option.
  • Embrace flexibility: Be open to adjusting your plans to minimise the need for an empty leg, reducing overall trip expenses.
  • Consider your catering preferences: When planning your private jet journey, considering your catering preferences can help you manage your budget effectively.
  • Find a locally based jet: A bigger jet can be more expensive per hour, but it could be a cheaper option then choosing a smaller jet located hours away

As you can see, there are many variables that influence the private jet cost, and you need to consider them carefully before booking your flight. At FA Jets, we understand the dynamics of private jet pricing and help you find the right jet for your private travel needs. We will ensure that you can make informed decisions that balance luxury with cost-effectiveness.

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