Entry Level Jet

Elevate Your Travel with Precision

Step into the world of Entry Level Jets for a perfect blend of precision and style. Ideal for short-haul flights, aircraft like the Cessna Citation Mustang and Phenom 100 redefine private jet travel. Accommodating up to 6 passengers, these jets deliver unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Flying with an Entry Level Jet

Launching Luxurious Journeys

Embark on Entry Level Jets, designed for exclusive travel experiences tailored for smaller groups. Imagine the allure of Paris to Geneva—an exquisite blend of comfort, style, and captivating European exploration.

Effortless Speed and Range

Experience Entry Level Jets cruising at speeds up to 700 km per hour, covering distances of 2,400 km nonstop. Envision an effortless journey from Madrid to Florence, seamlessly connecting diverse destinations with unmatched efficiency.

Opulent Skies Beckon

Indulge in intimate cabins, featuring plush seating and modern amenities. Visualise soaring from Amsterdam to Nice—a skyward odyssey, embracing unparalleled comfort and sophistication at every altitude.


Suitable for up to 6 passengers
Ideal for flights between 2 to 3 hours
Perfect choice for distances up to 2,400 km

Common Aircraft Types

Cessna Citation Mustang
Embraer Phenom 100
Eclipse 550

Range of an Entry Level Jet

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