Midsize Jet

Unmatched Luxury for Long-Haul Excursion

Indulge in unmatched luxury during long-haul journeys onboard the Midsize Jet category aircraft. Featuring the prestigious Cessna Citation Excel, Hawker 800XP, and Bombardier Learjet 60, these aircraft accommodate up to 9 passengers, promising an elevated travel experience with seamless comfort and style.

Flying with a Midsize Jet

Unveiling Exquisite Journeys

Embark on midsize jets, accommodating up to 9 passengers. Picture the allure of London to Barcelona—a seamless blend of comfort, style, and captivating continental exploration.

Effortless Speed and Range

Experience midsize jets cruising at 805-965 km per hour, covering up to 4,800 km nonstop. Envision a swift journey from Paris to Rome, seamlessly linking European destinations with unparalleled efficiency.

Luxurious Skies Beckon

Indulge in the expansive cabins, featuring plush seating and advanced amenities. Visualise soaring from Paris to Athens—a skyborne odyssey, embracing unmatched comfort and sophistication at every altitude.


Suitable for up to 9 passengers
Ideal for flights between 4 and 8 hours
Perfect for distances up to 4,800 km

Common Aircraft Types

Cessna Citation XLS
Hawker 800XP
Bombardier Learjet 60

Range of a Midsize Jet

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