Sky-High Convenience at Your Fingertips

For short-distance point-to-point travel, a Helicopter fleet offers unparalleled convenience. With  options like the Bell 407 and Eurocopter EC130, you can soar above traffic and reach your destination  swiftly with up to 6 passengers on board.

Flying with a Helicopter

Elevating Aerial Experiences

Embark on executive helicopters, meticulously crafted for exclusive aerial journeys tailored to your business and leisure needs. Picture the allure of hovering over city skylines—a harmonious blend of efficiency, sophistication, and breathtaking urban exploration.

Efficiency in Vertical Flight

Experience executive helicopters adept at vertical takeoff and landing, providing unparalleled access to diverse locations with precision. Envision a seamless journey from downtown meetings to remote getaways, connecting destinations with unmatched agility.

Opulent Skies Await

Indulge in executive cabins designed for comfort and style, featuring panoramic views and cutting-edge amenities. Visualize navigating from corporate headquarters to scenic retreats—a skyward escapade, embracing unparalleled luxury and sophistication at every altitude.


Suitable for up to 6 passenger
Ideal for short-distance point-to-point travel (0.5 to 1 hour)
Best suited for distances up to 150 kilometers

Common Aircraft Types

Airbus H120 (Eurocopter EC120)
Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350)
Airbus H130 (Eurocopter EC130)

Range of a Helicopter

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